Posting ideas

As I stand waiting in line to get my deli sandwich I wanted to list several of the topics I hope to cover over the next few months. Ideally I will create a FAQ page for those frequently asked questions and links to sites I find particularly helpful. But I also want to dive into some very specific topics as well.

Likely Topics

-Why use Evernote with so many available portfolio systems?
-How to set up accounts for students.
-How I use Evernote enabled and linked technology to ensure speed and efficiency. Including smartphones, itouch, iPad, classroom scanners, student phones and the school’s Internet linked photocopy machine.
-How do kids use the technology?
-Getting parents on board and fully involved.
-Using Evernote as portfolio at for ages 3 to 18 and beyond.
-Teacher created portfolios: How Evernote can improve your teaching.
-Getting other teachers and schools involved.
-The basics for those teachers that are feeling uneasy about technology.


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