Setting Goals and Logging them

During the student led conferences students set goals around the 3 main educational “legs” at Trillium: Independence, Community Membership and Academic Fluencies. These were goals that the students could work on both inside the classroom and outside the school doors. The intent is to have the students choose things that they both want to work on and that they CAN work on, with not too much adult assistance. It is also a way to measure and check on each students own ability to independently push themselves in the areas that are not always easy for them.

One way to help the students stay focused on their goals is by having them log what they are doing each day. As most students do have internet access at home the logging of their goals each day doesn’t present too much of a burden. Some students, however, just log their daily accomplishments in a notebook that will eventually be scanned into their account.

In the photo you can see the three goals that this student has set for himself as well as his daily accomplishments. Because each student’s Evernote account is shared with me I can easily check in with their progress and see if I need to give them a little more support in either working on their goals or logging their accomplishments.



One response to “Setting Goals and Logging them

  1. I was so happy when I got my new Android phone, one of the first free apps I downloaded was Evernote. Thanks for sharing these updates!

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