The Lexmark scanner as an important tool

In my class students access Evernote with mobile devices, laptops and desktops. When it comes to recording and uploading work, the ipod touches are easy and mobile, but the real workhorse is our Lexmark Pinnacle Pro901. When it comes to uploading work quickly, and with high quality images, the scanner is the way to go.

The scanner can upload work really quickly through its auto-feed feature as long as work is letter size and one sided. For two sided and larger 2D work the students just need to place their work on the scanner screen one page at a time. Slower, but still faster and more visually clear than when kids photograph their work with the ipod touches or ipad.

A regular scanner can work with Evernote if your scanner can upload to an e-mail address. In that case you just send it to the Evernote e-mail address that is associated with a students account. However, the Lexmark Pinnacle series allows one-touch uploading which allows students to take a minimum of steps in the uploading process.

Once a coversheet and artifact are uploaded students open their account Evernote accounts to add titles and tags. The title of the work will appear as a LexMark Scan in their account. It is important that they title and tag them soon after they use the scanner or they forget what each note is and then they have to go through and open each PDF.





2 responses to “The Lexmark scanner as an important tool

  1. The Lexmark does not allow students to Title or pick which Evernote notebook(such as math) to upload into? If this is true, scanning seems easy, but then they must go to a ipad, laptop, etc to correctly title, tag, and place artifact in correct notebook. Correct? Is this difficult for students? Note, I teach 4th and 5th graders.

    • I use the Lexmark as more of a quick upload. I work with the same age group as you and having kids go into their accounts and add tags and titles isn’t that big of a deal eventually. Sometimes they won’t do it for a while and then spend 30 minutes one day doing it. If you have a computer lab or something of that kind it makes it easier to do it as a whole class.

      I have been playing around with the ScanSnap scanner which opens up the desktop Evernote so you can add those things right away. I actually passed on my thoughts to Evernote and they said they would pass them on to Lexmark. I suggested that on the Lexmark touchscreen they should make it possible to title and tag. Rather than having to set up each account so it connects to the particular Evernote account it should just prompt you to log into your account.

      We’ll see if they take my suggestion or not. It would make the scanner work that much better.

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