Webinar Slideshow now available

Thanks for all those people who came and joined in on the webinar.  I hope it was helpful.  For those who were not able to make it or wanted a copy of the Powerpoint here it is.  Evernote as Portfolio Webinar Slideshow

For those who want to hear it again (or for the first time) I will be posting a link as soon as I get it.  If there are things you want to know just post a comment here or contact me at rob@engagingeducation.me


3 responses to “Webinar Slideshow now available

  1. Patricia Daniels

    Thank you so much for sharing this PP presentation. I’m doing an MA in Online and Distance Education at the moment and am always on the look out for tools and technologies that can not only enhance learning but help us as teachers to provide better all-round support for students and engage parents in the process where possible. I use Evernote myself but not this extensively, yet!

    Cheers Trish

    • Trish,

      Have you been using Evernote with students or just on your own. It would be interesting to hear how it was used for distance learning. It seems like it could be an essential way to share learning in that kind of situation.

      In case you were wondering the recording of my webinar should be up for use by Monday. Thanks.

  2. Patricia Daniels

    Hi Rob,

    I use Evernote both for myself and students. For my personal use, I clip and store articles / papers/ images related to my MA, for further analysis.

    For teaching, I use Evernote to create lessons, feedback and homework. I teach English as a second language 90 % online via Skype, mainly on a one to one basis. In oder to use the lesson time optimally with the student i.e. more student-centric, I send activities that I have created and stored in Evernote via mail that the students have to prepare beforehand (similar to the ‘Flipped Classroom’ pedagogy).

    The multimodal combination of text, image, audio (also in combination with Skitch) is just brilliant and lends itself to creativity. I can personalize lessons, make them authentic and thus more meaningful for my students. I always have my iPad with me and create on the go.

    I find I can provide better all-round support by using Evernote recordings in combination with text to give feedback after each lesson. The beauty of this is that it doesn’t matter what level of English the student has i.e. with beginnings I can provide short aural translations in Swiss-German/ German if necessary, so they can continue with work on their own. With higher levels I use it for dictation, analyzing their pronunciation, training speaking skills etc, sometimes in combination with audio online tools like Voxopop.

    Where possible I pair up students and get them to collaborate on activities using Evernote, often incorporating other digital tools or community platforms. They then send their work to me to be discussed in the lesson.

    A fantastic side effect of using tools like Evernote (in my opinion), is that we are not only teaching content, but improving students knowledge, skills and engagement with digital literacies. Something that they’ll need for the future.

    Thanks for the Webinar tip. I’ll look into it.


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