My Evernote portfolio webinar

Here is the webinar I gave with Evernote. It is a presentation about how I have implemented portfolios at Trillium.


2 responses to “My Evernote portfolio webinar

  1. Credit by proficiency in elementary talk is standard based grading. When I first saw your blog, only a couple of days ago, I immediately thought about using eportfolios for standard base grading. Our school is beginning to transition out of the standard letter grade system. We are moving toward a standard base grading system which is going to be the new standard thanks to the Common Core Standards that many states have adopted. When we move to standard base grading, teachers are going to have to keep many artifacts to show that a student is proficient or not in certain standards. What better than to use technology to keep track and these artifacts. My idea is to create notebooks for each subject then sub folders for each standard. When students upload artifacts, the cover sheet will have the standard on it so each student knows where to place it.

    • Is love to hear how your work with the standard based grading goes when using Evernote. My suggestion is to keep things simple. I use Evernote but I also want my students to run their own portfolios. If I have to start managing all the accounts and filling them with artifacts the technology loses its ease of use. Teachers just end up doing more filing. If that is the case I rather just have the paper copies.

      My goal is to turn the power over to the kids.

      Keep me up to date on your experiments with this.

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