Recording the entire learning process

Back in April I wrote about how students were using Evernote to record parts of the writing process. Below are photos of the entire process. (The first draft of a book review written on paper. The second draft off the review after a single student conference typed into Evernote. The rubric and feedback from many other students after they read the 2nd draft. The final draft of the review types in Evernote.)

Having the entirety of the writing process is extremely valuable as it clearly shows what kind of changes were made along the way. It is now easy to go back and reflect on the process and I can have a clear sense of how I can continue to design lessons to improve writing. Of course this kind of documentation can really happen with any subject.




2 responses to “Recording the entire learning process

  1. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing. You may have this posted elsewhere in your blog so I may find the answer as I go through it, but do you have a class scanner or are your students using JotNot or some other app?

    • We do have a classroom scanner. Presently we are using the Lexmark Pinnicle Pro901. It has options to send work straight to Evernote. Plus it is a printer and photocopier, which is handy. I am also testing out a Doxie Go as a portable option. I will writing more about that this month.

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