Using Evernote habitually

The more we use Evernote portfolios in the classroom the more students turn to them as a place to be creative and stay organized. During my literacy lab today a group of students were working on second drafts of stories they were writing and one student decided to organize all his work by creating new notebooks for separate academic subjects. A third student was using an itouch to finish up a presentation on Jonny Cash that he was independently preparing for the class. (It was one of his goals). A fourth student was using an itouch to log her goals. These were all actions students took without prompting.

When I see this kind of spontaneous incorporation of the Portfolios into the life of the class I know that the tools are working well. It also gives me a chance to begin to see how students make their portfolios their own. I have never mentioned anything about creating new notebooks but one student discovered the possibility and realized it was a tool that HE wanted or needed to keep himself organized. Now, if others want to learn about that skill he will be available to teach them. In fact, today I will have him present his work to the rest of the class. It’s an important discovery and one others can learn from. This kind of self direction is what I hope this technology provides for my students, a freedom and power to control their learning on their own terms.




4 responses to “Using Evernote habitually

  1. Reblogged this on Things I grab, motley collection and commented:
    alternative option: using WordPress as recipient of things grabbed here and there.

    • I like the idea of using wordpress and blogging as well and want to figure out how to make that work more easily with Evernote. I have all my blogs sent to Evernote, which is one way to have ongoing work carried over to the portfolio. If each student also had a blog to record daily ideas, work, discoveries that was lined to Evernote (I just used my Evernote account e-mail address when signing up to receive my own blog), you would have an additional tool.

      • I shared the original post about using Evernote because it seemed like an interesting stand point worth making others acquainted with. Now although I have an account on Evernote I seldom use it myself.
        May I ask you something: what is your point of sending all your posts on Evernote?

        Thanks by the way for taking time to leave a comment.

      • The reason is so students can store all the work that they do in one place.

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