Connecting WordPress to Evernote to enhance your portfolio

In an effort to get around the lack of feedback possibilities of Evernote I have been exploring the use of WordPress, with its “commenting” feature. While I rather not have the kids have two places where they record their work, having a blog is a great way to extend students work to the outside world and allow for feedback of ideas, discoveries and questions. In the past I have used blogs with students but for the last two years I have really tried to keep things simple and just use the Evernote accounts. However, I am always open to something new and until Evernote makes it possible to comment on other people’s notes I will look to this blogging feature.

I keep a classroom blog and have all my entries posted straight into my Evernote. It is pretty easy to do. Just go to the “Sign me up” button on the blog. This will prompt you to enter you email address. I enter my Evernote account email address and then every time I publish something it goes straight into my Evernote notebook.

Students could do this too. When you look at the notes they have shared with you it is easy to tell which ones come from Worpress (see photo below). You open these and then can click on “comment” at the bottom of the page and it will bring you to their wordpress page where you can add comments. Clearly this is an extra step, but it is a stopgap measure which is worth a try.




7 responses to “Connecting WordPress to Evernote to enhance your portfolio

  1. Very interesting – I’m not sure I follow why this is beneficial? So that you’re not getting posts sent to your email inbox, but they show up in Evernote instead?

    • The benefit is that the students work on the blog all ends up in their portfolio on Evernote. In this way they have one place where all their work is stored.

  2. when will evernote allow you to publish notes, not just a link, to a blog/wiki via an html embed code??

    • I will look into that. For now I am going to add a post about sending notes directly from Evernote to wordpress using email. This could be another alternative.


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  4. I think I have figured out how to allow people to provide feedback and leave comments on evernote notes. It involves a few extra steps for both the evernote account owner and the person giving feedback, but it works. let me know if you’d like the details.

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