Going School Wide-Part 2

After a hiatus of many weeks I am ready to come back and do some more blogging about portfolios and Evernote.

My last entry focused on some of hurdles of getting people on board when moving toward online portfolios. I must admit that I wasn’t fully successful in the last 6-7 weeks of the year getting the kind of commitment for the school wide program that I wanted. Even though several teachers self selected to work with me, their commitment wasn’t 100%. I can understand this (especially at the end of the year) but I was disappointed after having spent a good chunk of time putting together a series of mini-workshops. Below I have provided the basic syllabus of the work I was going to do with the group. Having a timeline and outline like this is helpful to let everyone know the scope and direction of the work.

Goal: The goal of this Evernote training is three fold.

#1. To allow staff members to become acquainted with how to use Evernote as teachers.
#2. To Ensure that there are enough staff members at Trillium who understand the use of Evernote as an online portfolio tool to enable the school to implement a school-wide online portfolio program in the fall of 2012.
#3. To teach a number of Trillium upper school students how to use Evernote as an online portfolio tool so they can teach other students. These students would begin (or continue to use Evernote in the case of 6th grade students) using the program for much of the work they are doing in class.

Benefits of the training:

#1. Each staff member would receive an Ipod touch to use personally and with their students for the remainder of the school year.

#2. Each staff member would have access to one of two Lexmark scanners for the uploading of student work into their accounts.

#3. Rob would be available on Thursdays to support classroom work and training using the technology.

#4. Rob would support the staff members by teaching them how to use the technology as well as be available to answer questions and give technical support.

#5. Rob would support the creation of Evernote accounts for those students who would be piloting the program this spring.

Basic Syllabus (dates to be determined)

1. A 90 minute training on a Friday (in April) to learn how to create an account, how to add artifacts using the itouch, smartphones, phones, desktops/laptops and the Lexmark scanner. Staff will then receive their own itouch to begin testing.

2. Staff will spend 2 weeks using Evernote to record and document student work to ensure a clear understanding of the use of the technology and to allow them to see its benefits. After that 2 weeks staff will meet again with Rob for an additional 90 minute workshop on introducing and supporting Evernote in the classroom with students.

3. Staff will help choose a number of students who will pilot the program. Rob will be available for one class period on a Thursday to support the training of students in the use of Evernote.

4. Staff will support and monitor the chosen students, giving students adequate time (in class or advising) to chose artifacts to upload.

5. Staff will work together to create a simple reflection sheet which students will use when adding artifacts into their portfolios.

6. Staff will meet with Rob at the end of the year to debrief on the use of Evernote. (Successes, struggles, ideas for the future).

7. Staff will help train teachers in the use of Evernote when school reopens in the fall of 2012. They will be the lead support to ensure that all students will be trained in using Evernote by the end of September 2012.


2 responses to “Going School Wide-Part 2

  1. Hey Rob,
    Did you end up following through with the basic syllabus above? Sounded like a pretty solid plan.

    • I ended up changing schools over the summer and there was no one to follow through. It basically fell off the map for the school without me there to keep it going. It’s unfortunate but often the case until it becomes part of the culture.

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