Evernote Education Ambassador

Evernote Ambassador Blogpost

Today Evernote unveiled its new class of Evernote Ambassadors.  Along with Nicholas Provenzano I will be working with Evernote as their Education Ambassador.  It’s not a paid position but it makes the work I do with them more “official” and connects me with a wider group of educators around the world.  I look forward to continuing my work around the use of Evernote for Portfolios but will also be expanding my ideas beyond just portfolios.  My big goal is to help students become independent and interdependent learners.  The portfolio is just one tool to support that work.  Come and read more about the Ambassador program and my involvement here.  It will connect you to the Evernote Ambassador blog.   The link to the page about me is here.

I look forward to sharing my experiences in the coming weeks and months.


6 responses to “Evernote Education Ambassador

  1. Congratulations, Rob! That’s awesome!

  2. Congratulations. I landed on your site today as a result of your EN appointment! I look forward to reading more articles in the future.

  3. I’ve been using Evernote for about two and a half years – premium user for about two years. I use it at home and at work, and I think after two years I’ve mastered what works for me in terms of a notebook/tagging system.

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