Adding more Video to Evernote

Here is a possible workaround for those people who want to add more video to their Evernote accounts. The limit on the Premium accounts is 50 mb, which isn't very much. That is under 2 minutes of fairly low quality Iphone/Itouch video. For the free version that amount is half, 25 mb. This workaround gives you the ability to have up to 50 minutes per note.

First of all you will need some kind of video compression software. Because I was just using my Iphone for this I didn't bother to look for compression software for Macs or PCs. If you do have an iphone you can get a program called Video Compressor. (The URL is attached above or here…

In addition you will need to have Dropbox on your phone as well.


1. Shoot your video.

2. Open up the Video Compressor app and select either the HD Quality or Low Quality. I made two test runs. The HD ended up compressing from 57mg to 11mg and the Low Quality ended up compressing from 57 to 2.2. The difference is not that great. The quality isn't very good in either of them, but keep in mind that the lighting I used was poor. I think the sound quality on the HD is a little better.

3. Once you have selected you will be prompted to choose a video from you camera roll. You will press CHOOSE to compress and then it will automatically dump the new version into your camera roll.

4. Next you will need to open up your Dropbox app and upload the compressed movie. Once it is transfered you will need to move to your PC or Mac (where you should also have Dropbox).

5. Once the movie has been transfered, all you need to do is open up your Mac or PC based Evernote, open a new note or existing note and press the attach (the paperclip) button and it will attach.

6. If you are using the Low Quality you will be able to add something up to 50 minutes long (theoretically at least. That is based on the fact that my 2:00 video was about 2.2 mg).



3 responses to “Adding more Video to Evernote

  1. You could also upload the video to youtube as unlisted and add a link to it in the note. Not ideal for every situation but it’s an other option.

  2. John Nullstream

    I have discovered a few other methods to get video into Evernote on the IPhone without the use of a computer:

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