The Doxie Scanner

Most of my posts center around the use of Evernote for portfolios and/or the tools that go with them.  Today, however, I wanted to write about a tool that I have been using a lot, not so much with my students, but just as a teacher and a user of Evernote.

The little Doxie scanner is unique in both its size, weight and wifi capabilities.   With the help of the Eye-Fi wireless SD card this little scanner is a gem.  I carry it around in my backpack and use it to scan any number of personal and teaching related documents.  Because the scan is saved on the device itself and in the wifi card, I don’t worry about having to connect it to my computer.  If there is wifi around it will upload my images right into my Evernote account.  It’s amazing.

Now, all those little slips of paper, or documents I get at staff meetings, or insurance forms no longer need to be worried about.  In a blink of an eye I can insert a single sheet into the Doxie and I know that it will be uploaded quickly and easily.   At the same time, if I want to make multipage documents, I just plug the Doxie into my computer and download the images where they can be “stapled” and then uploaded to Evernote.

This is the only real drawback of the device, its inability to scan multiple documents.  But that’s why I have the larger SnapScan.

The portfolios that I do use it a lot for are my 4 year old son and my 7 year old daughter.  They are prolific drawers and painters and writers and as long as their creations are on a 81/2  inch wide piece of paper we are golden.

It isn’t the workhorse that the Snapscan or Lexmark are (in terms of portfolios use) but it serves a great purpose in keeping me paperless AND organized.  Now I have no reason to say that I can’t find that one little document.  With the Doxie and Eye-Fi in my backpack, I can always scan it and forget about it until I need it again.



6 responses to “The Doxie Scanner

  1. This is a great recommendation. Scanning artifacts is the real challenge. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  2. What about using DocScanner S ($3 app) or Camscanner (free app). Wouldn’t this get rid of a third party scanner. Students could use their mobile device to scan it then share it onto Evernote. Of course students would have to have access to smartphone or tablet. Which some schools have already.

    • Most of the time students just use the camera on the Itouch or Ipad that we have in the classroom. They open the Evernote app and just add a picture, forgoing the need for a secondary app. The benefit of a scanner is that the quality is just so much better.

  3. how about using xcanex?

    look simple and easy

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