Using Merge, Table of Contents and Presentation Options






Two really great tools that appear when you command click on multiple notes are merge and Create Table of Contents Note.  The first one allows you to merge several notes all into one note.  This is very useful when a student has created multiple artifacts on one topic over time and wants to bring them all together.  After you have chosen your notes to merge and clicked the button a new note will be created.   The individual notes will be placed in the trash.  If you want to have the merged note AND the individual notes, just go into the trash and restore the individual notes. 

When you press the Create Table of Contents Note button your selected notes will be linked together in a new note titled “Table of Contents” which you can rename.  This tool is helpful for presentations and if you want to have easy and quick access to all the notes you have made on a specific topic.  Below the table of contents you will see snapshots of the related notes.  Having access to these snapshots is helpful in reminding you of what is in each link, especially if you haven’t referred to the notes in some time.

If you are a Premium user you have access to the presentation mode which can be accessed in the upper corner of the display window.  This allows you or students to create basic presentation in an uncluttered way show just what is in each note.  This is great for student led conferences.


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