About my work

Rob has made the single most impact on my teaching and vision for education in the last few years.
Meghan Carrico
Director of Windsor House School
Vancouver BC

I am a teacher in Portland Oregon who has worked to develop online portfolios with kids for the past six years. Since 1995  I have worked in private schools, traditional public schools and public charter schools. I am always looking for ways to let kids have a greater control of their own learning, as well as working with others to develop tools to let kids authentically demonstrate and show what they have learned.

Presently I  am the Academic Technology Coordinator at Catlin Gabel school in Portland Oregon.

You can also find my e-book  The Power of E-Potfolios:  Document, Reflect & Share Learning with Evernote online at Lulu , Amazon and the iTunes Book Store.

I can be contacted at robvannood@gmail.com

Rob van Nood,


11 responses to “About my work

  1. HI Rob, I’m interested to hear of the highs and lows you have experienced with the online (Evernote) ePortfolios at the school level. What particular research model or approach has influenced your focus on supporting students to have more control over their learning in this way? Do your students engage with portfolio creation consistently, across all areas, or is the use of the portfolio constrained to certain subject areas? Are you using the portfolio for assessment – summative or formative?
    I am an avid Evernote user and currently engaged in ePortfolio training considerations which would involve students in K-12 environments.

  2. Hey Rob,

    I am looking at implementing Evernote at my school & also finding a good portfolio tool. I didn’t even make the connection till I read your post. I am looking forward to hearing your insights on the experience!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Rob…how did you set up the student accounts?

  4. Hello Rob, I was recently pointed to your blog about Evernote as E-portfolio and was immediately engaged. I am running a series of webinars on Eportfolios in Focus during May in our Australia e-series. They are scheduled for 8 pm AEST (GMT+10) on each Wednesday. Would you like to present at one of these. Details here: http://australiaseries.wordpress.com/2012/04/30/etlking-e-portfolios-in-focus/

    • I would love to, but when it is 8:00 pm AEST on Wednesday, it is 3:00 am here on the west coast of the United States (I live in Portland, Oregon). Is it possible to prerecord something? Or is there another way to make it work?


  5. Pamela Pinkard

    I am so interested in learning more about implementng e-portfolios at my k-6 charter school. I have read through your blog and would like to have more information.

  6. Rob,
    I have followed your site avidly for the past year, trying to learn more about establishing student portfolios with Evernote. I teach AP Biology and am trying to wrap my head around how to best implement this tool with these students. I’m trying to get away from a paper-based lab notebook. Have you heard or do you know of anyone teaching a science course who collects student work in the way you do?

    • Lee

      Thanks for following. A you might know from my blog I have a new book out that covers a lot of the details of the work I have been doing. It’s an easy way to read about how to get started working with portfolios in your classroom and school. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/robvannood.

      There are teachers using Evernote for portfolios all around the world for all sorts of different classes and situations but the set up and use is pretty similar. I haven’t spoken with any biology teachers directly but I can search around if you want a direct connection.

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