Monthly Archives: February 2014

Presenting at ISTE


I’m very excited to have the chance to head to Atlanta Georgia at the end of June to speak at the 2014 ISTE  (International Society for Technology in Education) conference.  I will be presenting a workshop about the use of Evernote for Portfolios with a pedagogical twist.  I will link it to Bloom’s Taxonomy.  The title of my hour long presentation will be: Using Evernote and Bloom’s taxonomy to create dynamic e-portfolios.  Here is the description of the session I will be supporting:

In a world of ever increasing educational accountability and with a desire to reveal both the breadth and depth of student learning more teachers, schools and districts are turning to e-portfolios as a way to document, reflect upon and assess what is happening in the classroom every day.  However there are very few tools in the e-portfolio pantheon that are at the same time easy to use for students and teachers alike, have powerful capabilities to capture, document and share work in real time, connect seamlessly with an ever growing number of learning applications and are free or inexpensive for budget conscious schools.  The power of Evernote is that it achieves all of those requirements and does a lot more.  But having a great tool is not enough.  Educators need to understand how to use e-portfolios to support the entire learning process.  Having a strong understanding of how Bloom’s Taxonomy can be used to increase the effectiveness and learning capabilities of e-portfolios is essential. 

 Participants in this session will learn how they can use Evernote to document, reflect upon, share and assess student learning.  They will learn how to view e-portfolio use through the lens of remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating (Bloom’s Taxonomy).  They will learn how to access all the tools inside of Evernote as well as use external hardware to both create their own portfolios and help support the development of portfolios for their students.  Participants will leave the session with an understanding of how to go about setting up a classroom or school based e-portfolios system as well as with the skills to use Evernote to begin creating, and supporting their students in the creation of, high quality e-portfolios that begin to reveal the learning of the whole student.   

If you plan to come to ISTE 2014 please come find me.